Touch of … Tuesday 27 March

hey there

Here are the sneak peeks of the weeks Touch of … Tuesday sales event.   It seems spring and chairs were the theme for this week with a touch of easter thrown in.   These items will all be on sale for 99L or less from Tues 27 Mar – Sun 1 Apr.

Join the Touch of Home group or Greatest Love Group to get the weekly notecards with all of the info, lms and pics of the weekly sales items.  🙂














































































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Touch of .. Tuesday – Weekly Sales Event 20 March

Touch of Home is pleased as punch to introduce a new weekly sales event of home and garden items – Touch of… Tuesday!

Home and garden designers from the Touch of Home group will provide new or updated items every Tuesday for 99L or less!

Here are sneak peeks of the items on offer this week:     Wee note – the item the LD oversized armchair are actually 35L for the sale price and will be 70L after the sale

Lustre Designs and Beach Street have a some cute items on offer (an upside down bunny and easter egg candles), but I wasnt able to upload the pictures to the blog  😦    You can see pics of these items on the notecard of the list of stores with all the stores participating and their landmarks in the Touch of Home group.





















































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Exciting news for 2012

Hi all

I’m pleased to announce two changes to Touch of Home.  First Neelie Kaligawa (from Kaligawa Originals) and Rosemaery Lorefield (from Shabby Tabby) have joined me in running the group.  They will be blogging, helping to organise different things for the group and generally being a fantastic help so the group can really move forward and grow in 2012.

Second, I have created a new logo for the group.   It’s been approved by Rosemaery and Neelie as well so I will be updating the Touch of Home boards with the new logo.  Here is a sneak peek of it.










Looking foward to offering more to the group in 2012.  




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TOH Contest – 2012

Happy New Year Sl residents!    I hope you all had a great xmas and new year.

It must have been a busy time for you as unfortunately no one entered the first Touch of Home contest.   😦     

This is disappointing given the time, cost and effort I put into organising this contest and the input of Saffia Widdershins and Prim Perfect Magazine.

The Touch of Home base and makeover platform have been closed for now.

We may hold another contest in 2012, but for now Touch of Home will be focusing on continuing to provide a user friendly group chat and awesome  home and garden designers.  🙂

There will be some additions to the group with new managers and some new ideas for the group, maybe even a hunt or two!  I’m pleased to say Rosemaery Lorefield of  Shabby Tabby is a new Touch of Home manager and Neelie Kaligawa of New Frontier Homes will be assisting the group as well.

See you in 2012

Heavenly Villa

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TOH First “Makeover” Contest!

I’m excited to bring you the first ever Touch of Home “makeover” contest.    This contest is being run in collaboration with Prim Perfect magazine so we have an awesome contest and prizes for you.


SL residents are invited to tell us in 100 words their favourite RL Christmas memory.    In addition, provide 2 (full perm) pics of a Christmas setting in your SL home – a fireplace, xmas tree etc.   In your own wee xmas makeover you are to use one item that is from a Touch of Home designer.

To enter the contest you must belong to the Touch of Home group.  You can join the group at the Touch of Home store.

Applications for the contest can be obtained from the Touch of Home store.   The tp link is on this blog.



The entry date is the 23 December 2011 to 31 December 2011.

The winner will be announced on 6 January 2012.



All of the items listed in the first ever Touch of Home “makeover”.     

2000L offered as part of of the Happy Hunting prize by Prim Perfect Magazine.

You can see the items at the makeover platform – which is set up and open to the public to view at Touch of Home.   Tp up and check out this very cute cottage lighthouse makeover. 🙂


The winner’s entry will be posted on the Touch of Home blog, will be featured on Happy Hunting and in the next edition of Prim Perfect magazine, and on Arya Bravehearts new home and garden blog.



The judges for this first contest are myself, Saffia Widdershins and Cinders Vale of Prim Perfect and Arya Braveheart, a fantastic SL shopper and blogger.

So head on down to Touch of Home, check out the makeover for yourself and if you love the items used, please grab an application form and send it to me.  🙂    We can’t wait to hear all of the great xmas stories and see your own xmas makeovers.

Happy xmas and merry new year










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The first “Touch of Home” Makeover

One reason I started this group was to let SL residents know that there are some great home and garden designers out there.    So I decided to set myself a challenge  – decorate a home with items from Touch of Home designers stores with only 300 prim, which also had to include the house! 

Using a small 30×30 platform in the sky here is the first “Touch of Home” makeover!  

The first home is a great little lighthouse beach house.  Just one room but airy, cosy and just right for a small cove or beach section.









This cute cottage was built by Mac Shoreman of Shoreman Designs and co-owner of Thingies.   It can come with or without the lighthouse attached, same with the dock.  It’s less than 60 prims and is a fantastic little cottage.    The cute mermaid picture next to the front door is from Tab Tatham of Tatty Soup.

















I recommend the dock – it gives you an outdoor space for relaxing by the ocean on this great hammock by Honey Lustre of Lustre Designs, also the other co-owner of Thingies.     The bamboo pot plant is by Wipster Baxter of Scandanavian Designs.

Or you can enjoy a few hours watching the big one get away fishing with Sway Dench’s fishing bucket, from Sways, which comes with fishing animation and fishing rod. 










Inside the airy cottage is plenty of room to set up your own beach hideaway.   Facing the big sculpted windows are these great items, including the country tub chair with 18 animations!   The chair and matching table are by Carlotta Ceawlin of Dreamscapes Art Gallery.    On the table are a lantern by Honey Luster of Lustre Designs and my own daisy pot plant from L’aize Dayz.  The rug and mini oars by the door are also L’aize Dayz products.  The pot plant table is another super cute build by Tab Tatham of Tatty Soup.










Next to the chair is my low prim fireplace from L’aize Dayz with a fire you can switch on and off, and comes with crackling fire sounds with adjustable volume.  On top of the fireplace are a cute wooden frame from Thaihiti Baroque of Thaino Designs and two beachy knicknacks from Lustre Designs, conch shell and starfish on stands.










Filling up the back of the room are this great sofa from Lustre Designs with two sit menus.   Two “home sweet home” wall art pics are from L’aize Dayz.   I found the great lighthouse shelf at Sways, the perfect accessory to a lighthouse beach house!    Behind the sofa is a fantastic wall unit from Mainit Hellman of Baustein.   The shelf and wall unit are both mod so you can add your own bits and pieces.  










Search through these great stores and you can discover all sorts of goodies that make your house a home.  The suitcase is from L’aize Dayz and the “home” cubes and box of unpacked albums (to go on the wall unit) from Thaino Designs.


After setting up and decorating this home I decided why not celebrate the kick off of this home and garden group by having the trans items as a prize in a competition!  All the trans items here could be yours.  🙂

Keep an eye on the blog over the next few days for details about the competition (ie once I’ve decided what it is – hey I can’t do everything in one day), but I can tell you the following items will be the prize and you need to be a group member of  the Touch of Home group to win!

*Living room sofa by Lustre Designs

*Lighthouse shelf by Sways

*Old suitcase, rug, home sweet home pics and oars by L’aize Dayz

*The Chapman (wall unit) by Baustein

*The lantern, shell and starfish on stands by Lustre Designs

*The mermaid sign and tulip flower pot table by Tatty Soup

*The bamboo pot plant by Scandanavian Designs

*The fishing bucket with rod and animation from Sways

*The beach hammock by Lustre Designs

*The tub country chair and table by Dreamscape Art Gallery

There will be lots more to come for the Touch of Home group, with some great items that will make your SL house a home.   I’m already planning the next “make over” for January 2012.

Merry xmas and hope you all have a safe and happy holidays.

Heavenly Villa

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Welcome to the Touch of Home Blog

Touch of Home is a new Home and Garden group in Secondlife.    It is a simple user friendly group set up to help both shoppers and designers in SL.

*  SL residents can use the group chat to find out where to find home and garden items.

*  SL builders can use the group to send up to 3 notices each week to let SL residents know about new releases, events, hunts relating to their store. 

Pretty simple eh.   It is a friendly group with minimum rules and an encouragement for group members to find it as useful as possible.  Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

If you would like to join the group, log in to SL and tp to the Home and Garden Market or L’aize Dayz store and look for this poster.   Click on “join group”.  It doesn’t cost anything!











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